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The National Treasure of Federal Taxes


Every year at about the same time, individuals who make enough with earnings from gainful employment must file federal income tax forms. Federal taxes, a type of enforced contribution paid to the government of a country, are assessed based on an individual's income. These collected revenues help pay for national programs such as military defense and other government institutions. By applying the current legal tax codes, individuals can find if they will need to pay more taxes, receive a refund or break even. Businesses must also file their federal taxes as well. State taxes are often filed in conjunction with federal taxes.

Federal taxes typically work on proportional, progressive or regressive models with progressive being the most common. In this system, an individual's tax rate will be determined based on the amount of income earned during the previous year. The more income an individual has, the higher their tax rate will be. In the United States, federal tax rates can be found at 10% to 35%. This not only depends on the amount of income a person has but their filing status and the number of dependents they can claim. Certain tax deductions for children and other expenses are often given to reduce tax burdens.

When filing federal taxes, individuals typically fill out forms known as the 1040A or 1040EZ. Taxpayers are often encouraged to fill out the short version of forms when possible to save on time and paperwork. Businesses and individuals with more complex tax returns often seek out the help of professionals to ensure all the proper forms and information is provided. Nowadays, the majority of businesses and individuals opt to file their federal taxes online. Online filing programs are often self guided and leave no missed steps. As a result, returns are more accurate and they can be transmitted instantaneously with a click of the mouse.

It is illegal to avoid filing or misrepresenting one's income in order to avoid paying federal taxes. Doing so can not only result in fines and penalties with interest, extreme cases can result in imprisonment. While taxes are a point of contention for many, they are very necessary to keep a country up and running. Many of the things the average citizen depends on and makes use of on a daily basis would not be possible without federal funding. Unfortunately, a history of unscrupulous taxation has left many with suspicious feelings about where and how their contributions are spent. The overwhelming majority of citizens however are honest, law abiding citizens that always file their taxes on time.

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